We believe any ethnic people deserves a believer, a body of Christ and a Bible to read. Church2Church equips local churches around the world with the tools necessary to help establish healthy, reproducing churches among unreached and unengaged peoples (UUPG).


Empower with the 5 P’s

Pick an unengaged people group from the 562 people groups with more 5,000 individuals who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. Go through this “Pick” process with your leaders and churches so you can make a commitment to see His name proclaimed.

Pray for God to reveal Himself among them. To build a prayer team CLICK HERE and learn how to intercede and ask for miracles, dreams, and visions for the word of God to be proclaimed among the unreached. Post prayers on prayforthem.com

Participate with others on the journey. Mobilize talents, gifts, skills within your team by using this SHAPE assessment tool here.

Partner with other churches near you and near the unengaged people group (typically five total). The church closest to the unengaged people group will establish the vision, direction, and pace for the ministry. Learn how you can pray, provide tools, translate the Bible, show the Jesus Film, help equip and train leaders, provide health care, and much more. Work together to see the Lord’s name proclaimed and established among the unreached. Click here to connect with other churches.

Plant a reproducing, multiplying church that turns into a movement. One church connected with a local church that is on the ground near the unengaged people group, works together to establish the Kingdom of God. (This is usually achieved through the country’s local contacts and not by sending traditional missionaries to these locations). Click here to begin.